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During the recently held “NSN Analyst conference”, CEO Suri and other top executives talked about the current and future focus of the company. You may be surprised to know it is “software” and services which enjoy prime focus of the company’s think-tank. End to the restructuring phase was also announced and company may now enter challenging markets like Africa and Middle East. Read on for details,

CEO Suri:

  • Less hardware” / “More software”. More disruption, more automation, more services. Making telco cloud a reality
  • Re-entering regions it previously de-emphasized, like challenging markets Africa and ME
  • Because we are financially stable doesn’t mean we’ll be rushed into acquisitions
  • Aspiration isn’t to be “biggest” vendor – but focus on bottom line will be followed by top-line focus
  • Restructuring phase has been announced as ended.

Software & Services Focus:

  • NSN onto growth phase. Will revisit new markets and refocus on Services
  • NSN claims to be no.1 in CEM, OSS and content dist (liquid apps)
  • NSN has renewed 90% managed services contracts, no.1 in India
  • Strong focus on software. 90% of Mobile¬†Broadband R&D is working on software,large proportion of NSN engineers are software engineers
  • Clean roadmap distributed across investment curve (innovate, grow, optimize, renew)



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Source: NSNtweets