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Microsoft officially cancelled the Project Astoria

Microsoft officially confirmed that they cancelled the  Project Astoria. This plan was first revealed at the 2015 Build developer conference. Astoria plan helped developers with existing Android apps to bring their apps to Windows, and provide a way to integrate with Universal Windows Platform capabilities. Microsoft officially announced Project Astoria along with 

Lumia 920 with Vodafone UK plans now available to order at two online retailers. Black and White in stock.

  Good news for those waiting for Lumia 920 to come to Vodafone UK. Black, White, Yellow and Red Lumia 920 with Vodafone plans are available to order at two online retailers "Mobilephonesdirect" and "Digital-phone". Black and White Lumia 920 are in stock at Digital-phone, while Mobilephonesdirect asks for 10 days for the delivery for