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Microsoft to focus phone efforts “where we have differentiation”. Smartphone restructuring official.

Microsoft has now officially announced the restructuring of its Smartphone Hardware business. Not only it confirms lay-off of 1850 ex-Nokia employees, as we reported earlier but also reveals that Microsoft will take a impairment...

Microsoft “Scaling Back” Phone Hardware, promises “great new devices”. To lay off 1850 ex-Nokia...

In an internal mail sent to Microsoft employees, Microsoft Windows and Devices chief Terry Myerson has admitted "scaling back" in Smartphone hardware but also emphasizes that they are not out, but will continue to...

Latest restructuring sees Stephen Elop out of Microsoft

Life comes full circle for some!! The man who came to Nokia from Microsoft amid accusations of being a "Trojan Horse" and had even lived up to the prophecies of Nokia's doom (in terms of...

NSN’s software focus & future plans, end of restructuring. Neat Infographic about NSN’s innovations.

During the recently held "NSN Analyst conference", CEO Suri and other top executives talked about the current and future focus of the company. You may be surprised to know it is "software" and services...


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