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Nokia’s Health & Wellbeing related Wearables to be Android-based

Nokia smartwatch 1We reported about Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri confirming Nokia’s plans to pursue “Digital Health” as the next Nokia Technologies business practice. Before this we reported that Nokia is pursuing variety of smart wearables related to health and wellbeing via some Nokia job openings. Now we can add some more to this story via our sources.

It seems the upcoming wearables will primarily run Android. Primarily as Nokia may later plan to bring some wearable based on its home-grown Linux-based cloud OS.

The New Devices Product team is handling the development work for wearables related to Health & Wellbeing.

The wearable will have a number of sensors to accurately measure and report biometric data or analysis and reporting that will use Android Sensor APIs

There will be companion apps for Android and iOS initially.

Coincidentally, couple of recent Nokia patents revealed an elegant smart band technology and many smart wearable designs. One of the patent talks about a health-oriented wearable band with ability to contract to enable proper contact with body to take correct health related data with help of sensors and and expand to provide comfort to users at other times. Another recent Nokia patent that we reported has many smart wearable designs and cool tech bits like hover interaction and notifications display.

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  • Selfie13

    I would hope that this “wearable” be something of absolute amazement if this is how the new Nokia will be entering into consumer devices. Even if that is the case, when I hear of a company or someone talking about the future being “wearable technology,” I see nothing but a waste of time, resources and MONEY. Has anyone found any success at all in this arena? I mean, has any company made o profit on these gadgets? I just don’t see it working out in Nokia’s favor, just look at Apple and the watch. The only time i ever see anyone wearing an Apple Watch. it is someone on TV and those were more than likely given to them. So if Nokia is to go this route and yes, I know this would be only 1 of many other routes, then the device has to be more than amazing, while also being affordable……. I just don’t see it happening for Nokia just because they’re “Nokia,” I mean even Apple cant do it with the watch, so just stay away and see if their is a market for it first. A profitable market!

    • Prasenjit Singh Bist

      The breakthrough innovation would be to include meaningful features rather than extending watch as a second screen for phone like Android wear or Apple watch. They don’t do anything meaningful. You either buy Apple watch for aesthetics but why not get a luxury Swiss brand then or just extends the phone screen to watch. do i really need to take a call or read a text on my watch that is incredibly ridiculous when you can have Bluetooth and other solutions. Today’s watch is a watch with a phone’s alter ego. Apple is not innovating it didn’t innovate with watch as it has stopped with phone, it just came out with a strong design to enter the segment that they feared loosing to Android players and others. May be something great is round the corner at cupertino the way they are working on Health kit. If some one can truly crack it , it has to be a fearless innovation leader and i am not saying because i am a Nokia fan but if you look at the history and the past R&D then Nokia is best positioned to crack it.

      But with right product the market is amazing look at PulseOnHR a exNokian venture. It offers a very accurate heart rate monitor with great insights through companion apps. and the design of the watch is cool too. With a population more obsessive with health and a population that is ageing now, Healthcare will be a great opening for the IoT business, IBM is cracking the enterprise market with Watson, SAP is going the health route and for consumer wearable you need something very unique and we just have to wait and see what that unique is?

  • Prasenjit Singh Bist

    Android is impossible, but Android app and iOS app is very much possible. Nokia device will be somewhat like PulseOnHr but more capable.

    • Why impossible? Android Wear is here to solve that purpose only. It can run Android, but they’d only know.

    • Kamal

      It is Android for sure.

      • Prasenjit Singh Bist

        It is not android for sure, it will have companion apps and will work seamlessly but no way android as it can not be put in that kind of a device nor it will be Android wear.

        • Why can’t android wear be put into THAT kind of a device? Android can go anywhere, that’s the wonderful versatility of the OS.

          • Prasenjit Singh Bist

            Well you are running a blog so your information might be in more depth and you have sources, so may be you are reporting Android but my simple explanation is Nokia’s Health and wellness devices are beyond today”s definition of wearable and what you see or expect from Apple watch or samsung gear both in terms of capabilities and functionalities. Let’s wait we will see it’s Android or what. As i said my expectation is a number of products of various degree of capabilities like but PulseON is only about HR, Nokia will put it’s years of patents to go beyond that and these kind of sensors are not your everyday sensors that the Android and iPHone sports.

            • Kamal

              I never said it will be only Android. It may be RTOS too (cloud-based), but primarily Android will be used on initial devices, afaik.

              • Prasenjit Singh Bist

                Okay no problem i will crosscheck too but I thought you were speaking about the Here Android device that got canned.

          • Prasenjit Singh Bist

            I replied to your comment but god knows where it disappeared after waiting for moderation?

          • Wean Irdeh

            Android yes, but not Android Wear. It’s a walled garden

            • Prasenjit Singh Bist

              Android Wear in my opinion lacks any support for the specialized sensors Nokia would like to incorporate and would be a resource hog like it’s older sibling Android.

          • Prasenjit Singh Bist

            When you design a device you have to consider a lot of trade offs unless Nokia goes the way of creating a Samsung Gear or Apple Watch like device with millions of apps and a useless second screen for phone. But the business clearly says Digital Health and Medical and there’s no chance for Android to run on such devices it’s about very application specific technology solution that will run specialized components and I hope specialized sensors developed at NRC over the years. Also Nokia collaborated a lot during X sensing challenge I hope a lot of collaboration there too.

      • Prasenjit Singh Bist

        I have an assumption that you might be referring to the sensor rich stealth product being developed at Here because that was running Android. But that team was dismantled and product shelved early this year with strategy evaluation for Here. My bet would be a frugal Nokia SW framework.