I know all our readers are interested to see our unboxing/ first impressions/ comparisons and review of the Lumia Icon, so I just wanted to keep you all up to date.  Originally I went to Verizon on launch day to buy my Lumia Icon at full retail, but Verizon does not sell full retail on launch day, and there is not a Microsoft store anywhere near me so I decided to go the next day to pick it up.  I get to Verizon on the second day and they can not sell it to me in the store due to the lack of inventory, so I try and order it through them.  The money I planned on using to buy the device is in gift cards and cash left over from christmas, and since it is an online order gift cards and cash couldnt be used for some odd reason.  I was told with in a week or two that the device would become available to retail purchase in the stores, which is a little irritating, but I will have the device as soon as possible, plus since it will be my personal phone we will have plenty of picture sample, video samples, comparisons, and reviews for you.