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Imaging comparison: Nokia Lumia Icon vs Canon EOS Rebel XTi

When most people buy a Nokia Lumia with a beefy camera one thing that they wonder is will I have to continue to carry around my usual camera to still capture high quality photos....

Nokia Lumia Icon put through the Basemark X Gaming test

We received a comment yesterday about testing the Lumia Icon on the Basemark X gaming test.  I have never been big on benchmark tests, but hey if thats what you all want to see then...

Nokia Lumia Icon Day Video vs Low Light Video

This is a simple Video testing Low light video vs day time video.  If you want to see anything particular from the Nokia Lumia Icon just let us know.

Nokia Lumia Icon Microphone and Video test

This video was going to be up for the viewers yesterday, but the people doing construction in the area decided to take the day off.  I do have it for you today though, what...

Display Test for the Nokia Lumia Icon

  Another day, another Lumia Icon test.  Today we testing the 1080p display on the Lumia Icon by looking at readability in direct sunlight and examining video playback.  Be sure to check out the video...

Gaming Sample on the Nokia Lumia Icon

The Nokia Lumia Icon is not known for just its Snapdragon 800 processor, it also has this 1080p display, and when you combine a good processor and display you get nothing less than a...

Best ways to catch all of our Lumia Icon Coverage

Since I did personally purchase the Lumia Icon today, there will be more coverage with this phone than usual, since I do not have to return it to nokia.  If you want to catch...

Nokia Lumia Icon Unboxing

Today was my lucky day, after speaking to a Verizon Customer Support Rep, he called the Verizon Wireless store and had them set aside a Lumia Icon for me to pick up.  To be...

NokiaPowerUser’s Nokia Lumia Icon update

I know all our readers are interested to see our unboxing/ first impressions/ comparisons and review of the Lumia Icon, so I just wanted to keep you all up to date.  Originally I went...

Red Stripe Deals, Free Awesome Lock for Today Only, and Nokiapoweruser’s Lumia Icon will...

This weeks Red Stripe deals consist of the following title: NBA Jam Tales from the Dragon Mountain Account Tracker Marathon Tim the Fox DrawPlan Red stripe offers new deals every Thursday, the deals consist of popular games that can be found...

Nokia Lumia ICON available for preorder through Microsoft

It has been a long road up until this point, when we would finally read the title that the Lumia Icon is available for at least preorder.  The first leaks were seen back in...

Nokia Lumia Icon promo video and captured sample image.

Time for Lumia Icon promo video now, which has just been released by Nokia, Sample image:

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