vuzix_navAfter bringing HERE Maps app to cars, smartphones, Tablets, Smartwatch and even TV, Nokia and Vuzix have teamed up to bring HERE location apps to Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses. Developers can take advantage of the same features that has made HERE unbeatable as a mapping and navigation app.

Developers can make use of the M100’s integrated head tracking, integration with Bluetooth beacons, and a GPS chip to get precise location information and the direction and angle of your current view for complete location awareness. And with our mapping technology, those developers can create advanced and fully integrated mapping apps for the M100. Just like our apps for smartphones, custom-created apps for the M100 can make use of the following features:

Detailed maps for download

Online and offline drive and walk navigation in 118 countries

Online and offline route planning and search in nearly 200 countries

Online and offline public transit directions for more than 800 cities in more than 40 countries

Live traffic information for more than 40 countries