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Maps brings lots of convenience to our daily lives especially when we make short or long distance travels and even when we need to find POIs or points of interests nearby. POIs can be anything from an ATM to post office to shopping Malls to anything that is of interest.

While we enjoy the ease that Here Maps bring to our lives through our Lumia or Symbian or Asha phones, the actual mapping process is not easy. In fact the way Nokia has gone about mapping less developed countries is usually inspiring in itself.

So, latest is Nokia partnering with the Tsitsikamma to Tataouine Expedition (T2T) to build HERE map content for the African continent. 3 explorers will travel 30000 kms across 24 countries in Africa over 165 days for this.

The expedition, which headed off  from Tsitsikamma in South Africa on 5 October, sees three explorers travel across 24 countries in Africa over 165 days, covering a distance of more than 30,000km.

As part of their vehicle equipment, the team will be carrying a HERE powered GPS device to collect the geometry and Points of Interest (POI’s) they pass on route, primarily for the towns and tourist attractions they visit. The data collected will then be emailed back to the Nokia Sub Sahara HERE team in Johannesburg to be added to the database every two weeks, improving map content within Africa.

Though, aim of this expedition is much more “humane“.

The aim of the expedition is to showcase the African continent and help others to see it differently, to leave a lasting impression by establishing 44 school food gardens along the route and to highlight the realities of living on US$1.25 a day, which the group will do in certain countries. It is about building understanding and community involvement.

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