Nokia 5.5 5G leak

Nokia smartphone with TA-1342 variant has now appeared in TUV certification too. This variant was one of the 8 new Nokia phone/smartphone variants that appeared in Russian certification recently.

The TUV certification for TA-1342 is from Singapore and date of issue is Feb 26.

Recently 9 Nokia phone variants appeared in the Russian certification: TA-1336, TA-1342, TA-1352, TA-1359, TA-1361, TA-1362, TA-1378, TA-1383, and TA-1386. This confirms that HMD is preparing for a big Nokia phone launch event in near future. TA-1336 appeared in TUV certification recently. As our database confirms, these variants don’t belong to any new or recently launched Nokia phones or smartphones.

Recently a TUV certification revealed a new Nokia smartphone with variants TA-1334, TA-1351, TA-1338 & TA-1346. Later TA-1334 was also seen in certification in Thailand. Another TUV certification revealed one more Nokia smartphone variants TA-1336, TA-1343, TA-1347, TA-1365, & TA-1372.

TUV certifications have been a good source for battery information related to new and upcoming Nokia smartphones. We earlier reported about sightings of 4500 mAH and 5000 mAH batteries in TUV database that may power upcoming Nokia smartphones like Nokia 6.3/6.4 5G and Nokia 7.3/7.4 5G.

Nokia 6.3/6.4 5G may be launched along with Nokia 7.3/7.4 5G in late Q1/early Q2 2021. We recently reported about Nokia Mobile planning to bring at least four Nokia smartphones with 5G support in 2021. Other two 5G smartphones Nokia 5.5 and Nokia 8.4 may be launched later in the H2 2021.

Nokia 7.3/7.4 5G:

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Nokia 6.3/6.4 5G:

Nokia 6.3/6.4 5G may feature 48MP rear Quad-camera similar to Nokia 5.4 but with Zeiss optics. You can read leaked Nokia 6.3/6.4 5G specifications and other details at its dedicated page. Read our complete Nokia 6.3 5G coverage by clicking here.