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Updated: Leaked & launched Nokia Mobile Phones/Nokia Smartphones variants page

On this page we have listed all the latest Nokia Mobile Phones/Nokia Smartphones variants. This page has all the leaked Nokia Mobile phone/Nokia smartphone variant codes listed too. As we come to know more...

Nokia G20 (TA-1336) & Nokia C20 (TA-1352) smartphones listings leak with new storage variants

Nokia G20 and Nokia C20 distributor listings have appeared now in Russia. The listings reveal that previously leaked TA-1336 variant belongs to Nokia G20, while TA-1352 belongs to Nokia C20. The Nokia G20 variant...

Nokia TA-1336 appears in Thai certification before its launch

The Nokia smartphone with TA-1336 variant has now appeared in Thailand's certification. The smartphone previously leaked in Russian and TUV certification. Now, the TA-1336 variant has just passed Thailand's NTBC certification. The certification may not...

8 new Nokia Phone/smartphone variants leak in Russian certification now

8 new Nokia phone/smartphone variants TA-1342, TA-1352, TA-1359, TA-1361, TA-1362, TA-1378, TA-1383, TA-1386 along with previously leaked TA-1336 have appeared in Russian certification now. This shows that HMD is preparing for a big Nokia...

Another Nokia smartphone (Nokia 7.3/7.4 5G?) variants TA-1336, TA-1343, TA-1347, TA-1365, & TA-1372 leak

Another new Nokia smartphone with product variants TA-1336, TA-1343, TA-1347, TA-1365, & TA-1372 has appeared in TUV certification. These five and earlier leaked four including TA-1334 may belong to Nokia 7.3 /7.4 5G and...

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