Nokia new logoNow, you can add Sensor business as one of the key focus areas of new Nokia or Nokia Technologies, to be specific. Nokia is planning to scale up the Sensor hardware and software operations from research to production. The sensor systems, Nokia is focusing under the Sensor Business line are low-power and miniaturized. These sensor solutions are based on printed electronics and nanomaterials, including Graphene.

Nokia will consider both technology licensing and producing the miniaturized sensors and will be using outsourced manufacturing for production of designed devices.

Sensor Systems Business Line in Nokia Technologies develops, produces and commercializes wireless sensor solutions for customers’ measurement problems. Sensor Systems builds on Nokia’s long-term expertise in data communications, nanotechnology and miniaturized sensor technologies to develop future solutions based on printed electronics and novel nanomaterials, including graphene. ┬áNokia’s unique capabilities include ultra-low-power signal and information processing, algorithms and wireless connectivity. The combination of these assets enables Sensor Systems Business Line to address multiple requirements of the programmable world.

The newly established business line is working to scale up its operations from research to production including sensor system SW and HW design and integration.

Devices designed are manufactured using outsourced manufacturing, packaging and necessary testing as applicable.

The team has an elementary role in developing new low power, miniaturized sensor systems which interface to advanced industrial infrastructures.

We would be certainly very interested to see, how Nokia uses these miniaturized sensors in its upcoming devices.