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Nokia Q1 2012 predictions; 122 million device shipments, 24 million smartphones, 98 million featurephones :)

Based on the Q4 2011 results, statscounter estimates for different OSes and the sales estimates from many sources, the analyst in me has again done some calculations and come up with prediction for device shipments for Nokia in Q1 2012.

Actually if you ask me, it is very tough to give a prediction for this quarter, because there were too may factors influencing the sales share for Nokia. But let us go through some key events for Nokia during the quarter.

  • There were some launches and device releases into key markets. Lumia 900 and 610 were revealed and now on the verge of being released into key markets. Lumia 800, 710 were released into new markets.
  • New Asha devices (302) were also launched and others were release into key markets.
  • Symbian Belle update was finally released giving new lease of life to Symbian devices. 808 pureview was also announced with 41 MP camera and running Belle Feature Pack 1, which can give Symbian reasonable traction when launched in May 2012.
  • N9 received PR1.2 finally getting many great features like video call, folders, camera improvements and much more. Price drop for N9 was also significant across the markets. The new PR1.2 running N9 with reduced price is a compelling deal and has been one of the most visited devices on sites like GSMArena.

Now time for the analysis and prediction for Q1 2012.

Nokia Q4 2011 results Predictions for Q1 2012
Mobile devices sales 113.5 million 122   million
Smartphones 19.6   million 24   million
Featurephones 93.9 98   million
Lumia   sales Over 1   million 3.3   milion
Meego   sales Not   declared 2.3   million
Symbian   sales Not   declared 18.4 milion
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