Nokia decided to acquire Withings for venturing into Digital Heath business back in April 2016. While everyone expected Withings brand to fade and Nokia-branded products to come out of this acquisition, Nokia management informed that they had yet to take a decision.

Nokia has been doing market research to help the final decision on which brand to use for its Digital Health Products. It now seem that they have reached to a final decision. Nokia confirmed during its Capitals Markets Day event for investors that they will transition to Nokia brand from Withings in 2017.

It has been revealed in the Webcast of the event and the slide below from official PPT also clearly mentions it.


What it means is that we will see Nokia branded Digital Health products including Smartwatches coming to market. Withing already has a strong product portfolio and we will see its expansion both in terms of new products and markets.

Digital Health market will grow to €220bn by 2020 according to analysts’ estimates. Nokia is attempting to become a major player in this market by expanding to connected health device and remote patient monitoring.