Jolla vs Nokia N1 vs iPad In this article, we compare iPad Mini and Nexus 9 to recently introduced Nokia N1 and Jolla Tablet. Nokia N1 and Jolla Tablet have been revealed by Nokia and Jolla at Slush 2014 and both pack some great specs and prices. So, the above Nokia N1 vs iPad Mini vs Jolla Tablet vs Nexus 9 table gives you a great idea about how both of these compare to each other and heavyweights iPad Mini and Nexus 9 Tablet.

Nokia N1 and Jolla Tablet are both priced very well at retail price of $249 ($189 in the table above is misleading and was for crowd-funding pre-orders) for the specs and features they pack. Nokia N1 is thinnest and lightest of the lot. It packs best cameras in rear and front (specs wise).

Jolla Tablet has the highest PPI density, though iPad Mini and Nokia N1 don’t lag much behind (330 vs 326). Nokia N1 and Jolla both have 64-Bit quad-core Intel processors, while iPad Mini and Nexus 9 run on dual-core processors. Nokia N1 has bigger battery than Jolla Tablet, while Jolla Tablet comes with MicroSD card slot.

Nokia N1 also has some unique and innovative features like reversible USB connectors (Type-C), which is absent from all the competitors mentioned in the article. So, it looks like Nokia N1 leads the pack of similar tablets in terms of desirability due to its design, camera, processor, display and unique features, it packs for the awesome price of $249.

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