Nokia N1 IndonesiaHot on the heels of being spotted in Zauba import records in India, Nokia N1 has passed certification in Indonesia too. As you can see in the above screenshot Nokia N1 has passed certification on 29th June 2015 and the listing is in the name of Futaihua Industrial (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. , a subsidiary of Foxconn. So, while Nokia promised that Nokia N1 will first arrive to Europe after its launch in China, it seems there has been some change in plans and after Taiwan, Nokia N1 may come to more Asian markets.

Nokia N1 has been a success in China and all of its batches were sold out in minutes. It also won the best Android Tablet award in China. Now it is also available in Taiwan with Google services on-board. But in spite of Nokia’s stated plans to bring it to more markets it has yet to arrive in any other market.