Nokia N1 release event is underway in China as I write this post. Have a look at some of the images from the event posted at, the exclusive release partner for Nokia N1. Nokia N1 launch Cg-4WFSsvJmILoidAAeK-QxF5wYAAS8xgDATxwAB4sR858Nokia N1 pre-order has opened in China for an awesome price of Yuan 1599. Read more here. You can also read its 8 MPrear camera details and watch sample image by clicking here.

Now, this AnTuTu benchmark screenshot shows Nokia N1 acing the benchmark by beating everyone else. Not only it beats iPad Mini 3 and other Android tablets by a mile in CPU efficiency, but even in image processing efficiency, it is the best of the lot.

Nokia N1 AntutuNot only AnTuTu, but Nokia N1 seems performing better than iPad Mini 3 on GFXBench too.

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