Nokia Moonraker was a smartwatch developed by Nokia to complement its Lumia range, when it was still the old Nokia. Moonraker was supposed to come to the market around the time of doomed Nokia-Microsoft D&S deal. but was cancelled by Microsoft after the deal.

Now, hands-on video featuring Nokia Moonraker has leaked for the first time. It bares all that you ever needed to know about Moonraker. As you can see in the video it had a Swipe-navigation based UI and a beautiful design. It had ability to track steps, notify about missed calls, messages and even Facebook was available as one of the options. Check video for more.

We earlier posted leaked renders, then real life images and even GIF posted on Twitter giving glimpse into how the smartwatch was supposed to work. We even posted a 360-deg video leak that showed the canceled smartwatch in its full glory.

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