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Nokia may bring Z Launcher to Firefox OS


Z Launcher 1If everything goes fine, Nokia many bring its popular Z Launcher to Firefox OS. In reply to a user feedback, Z Launcher product manager, John Kneeland has confirmed that they are looking into Firefox OS support.

The feedback has projected Firefox OS as a worthy replacement to Nokia’s Asha range, which has millions of users and will soon be killed by Microsoft. Nokia is already supporting Firefox OS with its HERE Maps.

Consider a Firefox OS port.
A large segment of Nokia’s customers in the developing world used Asha phones, which were mostly priced in the sub US$70 price segment.

As the Asha Platform has been shelved, the natural progression for these users is to Firefox OS, which offers a comparable experience in this price range. (Android phones in this price are often too slow for use or offer a horribly outdated version of the OS).

Nokia can continue to connect with their customers on this platform using Z Launcher in the same way that they have done with HERE Maps on the Firefox OS phones.
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Anonymous shared this idea  ·  Dec 10, 2014  ·
under review  ·  AdminJohn Kneeland (Product Manager, Nokia Corporation) responded  ·  Dec 11, 2014
Thank you for this quality feedback. We are looking in to FOS support

Thanks JLIT99 for the tip. Cheers!!



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  • I guess Mr. Kneeland is a acting like too arrogant and stupid. He should first get N1 launch done properly and stop talking shiit to people who spent big dollars on top lumia devices. He sounds mire like a cheat that time you say buy lumia Now you failed in your busibess sell it and you say buy android what shiit you are talking man.

    Firefox eill never make a dent, it’s a android world now. Hardwate is dirt cheap snd Android l will eat away that Firefox shit.

    @nokia get rid of this Kneeland he is just plian annoying.

    • JLIT99

      I guess you’re a crazy WP fan. Take a chill pill.

      I have a Lumia as well. The hardware was good, the OS wasn’t. That’s why it’s failed, and accept it. Even Windows Phone journalists themselves are admitting this now.

      And for Firefox OS, I guess you don’t know too much. But the fact that Firefox OS smartphones are now cheaper than some dumbphones speaks hugely for it’s potential. Analysts are expecting a 16 fold increase in Firefox OS shipments soon.

      • Kamal

        PR Bist is one of the biggest Nokia fans, you’ll ever meet. He is unhappy because, someone is trying to ignore a huge part of Nokia legacy that is with Microsoft now.

        • JLIT99

          Ok Kamal, I understand what you mean. There’s no doubt Lumia is Nokia’s legacy – many of the original designers of the Fabula, which was a basis for all Lumia designs are still at Nokia. Also, the advances in the imaging department are still unparalleled.

          It’s kind of ironic though – as Nokia now ignores it’s recent Lumia history, only a few months ago it was ignoring its huge legacy in open source that dates back to the early 2000s. Nokia were the first to create an open source Linux phone, but ironically later joined a lobbying group with MS claiming open source was anticompetitive..

          Sorry PR for misinterprering you however. Please leave the language at home though. We can all discuss without hostilities. 🙂

          • @PR: No hard feelings, but Kneeland is good at what he is doing. He is a part of business. Businesses never compliment their competition, do they? Nobody says bad about what he is doing. Does he? I’ve seen him criticizing Windows Phone (Microsoft) since quite some time (eg: When MS does not launch an app for WP, but does for iOS), so it is not just now. He would compliment Nokia (Lumia) because the devices don’t really miss out as much in front of the competition as does the Operating System. Now that both are in hands of MS, MS takes the blame for both. If you’re a also Windows Phone fan (you are), there are two paths to take.

            About the N1 launch, it has launched as you’d expect a china centric device to. It’s not something new for Nokia to announce something today and sell it after multiple months. We need to wait for the actual sales to start before coming to a conclusion. Samsung sometimes even launches its devices (for this price range) via a PR article rather than holding an event.

            @Kamal: And Microsoft is asking me to ignore the Nokia legacy that they took with them. They are claiming it to be theirs. They are removing well known community members from Nokia Discussions (Psychomania is no longer a member there). As Microsoft Mobile Community team wrote – “Either embracing the possibilities of a new future or holding on to a past that is no longer”. For somebody who bought a Lumia because it was a Nokia, staying and waiting for possibilities has no stand.

            @ JLIT99: Agreed! But Nokia has no reason to talk about its Lumia history. As a business, you talk about what you do, not about something that you left behind and not something that is still uncooked. Be at present. Talk about it.