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This certainly caught our attention today. So, this is the first time we will see a comparison between performance of iPhone 5S’s much acclaimed “True Tone” flash and Lumia 1020’s incomparable Xenon flash. The reviewer has also posted outdoor comparison set and many more images captured with two devices , which you can see by clicking Flickr link at the bottom of the article.

Coming to comparison, Xenon flash simply kills iPhone 5S’s True Tone flash in capturing details, rendering sharper images, giving deeper tones and freezing movement. Have a look at the below images and see how iPhone 5S flash fails even with slight movement of subject.

Lumia 1020:

9863410076_44bdc56ae5_h iPhone 5S:9863413264_c466946e2a_h Lumia 1020:


iPhone 5S:9863528973_09e4cbeb99_b

We have already seen, outdoor imaging comparison between Lumia 1020 and iPhone 5S and here is one more set. This time the lighting seems bit dull and consequently difference in imaging quality seems much more significant.

Lumia 1020:


iPhone 5S:9862634635_2e74512535_b The source article is from Business Insider which has the title “Check Out How Much Better The Nokia 1020 Is At Photos Than The iPhone 5S” and the conclusion is,

Robert Scoble has been taking photos with the 1020 and comparing them to the new iPhone 5S. It’s not even close (at least not to my eyes). The 1020 blows away the 5S.

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