Nokia’s Digital Media team has launched a new audio enhancement solution targeted at smartphones. The solution called OZO Audio is an advanced spatial audio technology with 3D capture and playback capabilities. It allows 3D audio capture with 4 or more microphones if available on smartphone. If your smartphone has 3 mics it will be able to capture Spatial 360 audio capture using OZO Audio. If your smartphone has only 2 microphones it will still be able to capture spatial audio.

Check the OZO Audio demo below that gives you an idea about how the technology makes big difference in audio quality capture with smartphones. Read the full OZO Audio features list after the break. We just hope Flagship Nokia Android Phones like Nokia 8 and Nokia 9 comes with OZO Audio.

Read more about OZO Audio here.



  • Full 3D audio capture with 4 or more microphones
  • Spatial 360 audio capture with 3 or more microphones
  • Spatial audio capture with only 2 microphones
  • Audio focus technology enables accentuating sounds in one direction while reducing ambient sounds and background noise


  • 3D audio experience optimized for headphones and spatial audio playback systems
  • Highly efficient 3D audio distribution format
  • Low latency 3D audio playback for VR devices supporting head tracking
  • High quality stereo playback for devices without OZO Audio playback support


  • Leverages widely supported AAC codec technology
  • Future proof & compatible with leading VR experiences
  • Manufacturers are supported in technology evaluation and integration by OZO Audio team with more than 20 years of experience with mass-produced spatial audio products