Nokia brand licensees are planning to bring a wide range of Earbuds to market, it seems. Recent Bluetooth certifications reveal Nokia Go, Clarity & Comfort range of Earbuds coming soon to market.

Nokia Clarity Solo Bud+ is listed as SB-501 and is the second one to leak after Nokia Solo Bud+ SB-201 in the Clarity range of Nokia Bluetooth headsets. The Certification reveals that Nokia Clarity Solo Bud+ will support Bluetooth 5.0 specs.

Then another certification reveals three Bluetooth headsets. Nokia Comfort Earbud+ (TWS-411W), Nokia Comfort Earbud (TWS-411) and Nokia Go Earbuds+ (TWS-201) are three new additions to the existing “True Wireless” headphones range. The Certification reveals that these three headphones will support Bluetooth 5.1 specs.

Nokia has launched many headphones in markets including Asia, India, Europe and NA with help of licensees other than HMD global. Some of these headphones have also ushered in good reviews.