We all may have heard about various Noise canceling technologies used in Nokia earbuds or in over the ear headphones. These are designed to reduce the unwanted ambient/background sounds interfering with our listening experience. In today’s article we are going to explore how many types of noise canceling technologies exist.

There are three major noise canceling technologies.

1)Active noise cancellation technology (ANC)

2)Passive noise cancelation (PNC) or Environmental noise cancellation (ENC) and

3) Hybrid noise cancellation technology (HNC).

1) Active noise cancellation (ANC) :

This technology uses tiny microphones on the earbuds to capture the external noise and generate an opposite sound wave to cancel it out. ANC earbuds require a power source, such as a battery or a USB cable, to operate. This technology can be found in Nokia clarity earbuds pro, Nokia T3110, Nokia E1200 headphones ANC and etc.

2) Passive noise cancellation (PNC)/Environmental noise cancellation (ENC) :

This technology focuses on the physical design and fit of the earbuds to block out the external noise. PNC earbuds use materials such as rubber, silicone and etc. to create a tight seal in the ear canal, preventing sound from entering or escaping. PNC earbuds do not require a power source, but they may not be as effective as ANC earbuds in reducing low-frequency noises. This technology can be found in Nokia P3600, Earfun Air Pro, and etc.

3) Hybrid noise cancellation (HNC) :

This technology is the combination of both ANC and PNC to provide a more comprehensive noise reduction. HNC earbuds use microphones on both the outside and the inside of the earbuds to capture and cancel out the external and internal noise. HNC earbuds also require a power source, but they may offer better sound quality and comfort than ANC or PNC earbuds alone. This technology can be found in Nokia clarity earbuds pro 2, JBL Live Pro+, Sony WF-C700N, and etc.

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