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Have a look at these images sent to WPdang.com. These are possible images of upcoming Nokia EOS. And, they look authentic to a large extent and match to the description sent to us by one of our readers. The Lumia 920 like design, looks slimmer, big rounded camera hump and Lumia 920 like polycarbonate body and colors are quite the same as described. Not only this even, it seems to have a in-built camera cover as described by the tipster. We are reproducing description given by tipster below from our earlier article.

Now according to the tipster, EOS will have  polycarbonate body with black ceramic power and volume buttons. Frontal design will be similar to Lumia 920. He has spotted White model with same glossy finish as of Lumia 920. It looks significantly thinner than Lumia 920 when seen from edges, but has a round shaped “camera assembly” in the middle with slight hump which doesn’t protrude much and blends in nicely. It has both Xenon and LED flash as expected. Also, tipster has noticed the camera resolution to be XX, so it may obviously be anything from 16 to 41 MP.

He further mentions built-in camera lens cover, new Camera app called ”Nokia Pro Camera” , AMOLED screen, much lighter weight than Lumia 920 and three dots at back for wireless charging.


We just checked with one of our sources, who say it is the “real deal“. We are looking at 41 MP Lumia PureView with lossless zoom and claimed improved imaging quality over 808 PureView. Here comes my 808 successor, then!!

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