The indoor navigation might be coming soon to our devices as part of Nokia Maps as promised by Nokia. Nokia has now demoed its“Indoor Navigation” solution based on “Bluetooth low energy” on a N8 and we must say, it looks futuristic and mighty impressive. Nokia claims it as the “Most accurate indoor positioning technology in the world” and terms it as High Accuracy Indoor Positioning (HAIP) based on Bluetooth low energy.

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Nokia has focused on and promoted the Nokia High Accuracy Indoor Positioning (HAIP) Solution, using a modified new generation, low energy feature of the Bluetooth® 4.0 specification, that allows for an accuracy of one metre. The technology can also be extended to an accuracy of 20cm with additional changes. The modification to the standards-based Bluetooth Low Energy has been developed and prototyped by Nokia, and the changes are being formalised by Bluetooth Special Interest Group body. The indoor location of a component in a position or on an object can be calculated by HAIP antenna elements installed in the ceiling or the area from the reception of the wireless signal that is transmitted by the component. The components can be installed in a mobile device, or they can be made as separate tags, which can be attached to any asset.

Now as demoed, It has very cool features and claimed accuracy of 30 cms, which sounds amazing.

  • Estimate the travel time all the way to your indoor destination
  • Changes the navigation mode automatically from Outdoor to Indoor
  • Real-Time navigation and routing
  • Highly targeted services and low-cost installation
  • 30 cms accuracy which enables targeted services and routing
  • Track and locate your belongings. This one sounds amazing

Watch the cool demo video,