Confirming that Nokia Belle FP1 is indeed the Carla update, Symbian Fans were waiting for, a Nokia Spokesperson spoke to GSMArena. He has cleared the air regarding misleading news of Carla getting cancelled by Nokia, run by some of the sites including GSMArena. The Nokia employee also mentioned that a lighter version of Belle FP1 is named Belle refresh and is coming to 1st generation Symbian devices like N8, E7,C7 soon. We got the similar kind of tip from sources earlier, but only change is that Nokia has moved the roadmap a bit ahead  and may be some of the features which were supposed to come with Carla like resizable widgets may be missing.

Now feast your eyes on some of the Leaked screenshots of the lighter version of Belle FP1 “Belle Refresh” which will hit the 1st generation Symbian devices soon.


Many new widgets are coming obviously.


The build no is v111.040 and the release name is Nokia Belle Refresh. Notice that the Browser version is newer than that on Belle FP1, which has 8.2. Also, the Java version in this update is older than the one in FP1 which had Java 2.4.


The music player has a new look & sorting according to what looks like Artists, Albums & Songs finally!

But what is missing here is tweaks in the notification bar which is a part of Belle FP1 update. But since this is an unfinished version of Belle refresh, so may be the final release takes care of that.

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