Nokia Bell Labs has entered into partnership with Jasna Rokegem, a Belgian FashionTech designer to work on creation of Sentient wearables. This sentient garment or wearable would be worn as second skin. This wearable skin will come with haptic and tactile feedback and will bring new modes of expressing one’s presence.

The sentient garment will act as a smart fashionable augmented skin, enveloping its wearer with an intimate and expanded perception of himself/herself (health, emotions, thoughts), people, things, the world and other communicating garments.

All the physical senses such as haptic and tactile interfaces will be explored to create novel modes of communication, whereby, for instance, remote presence can be expressed by touch, and personal contextual state and even physiology can be sent remotely to another person, place, or provider of enhanced human digital services.

The garment will form a symbiotic skin that will serve as the prime interface to the cyber-physical world, adding a new type of nervous cell to the human experience.

Nokia acquired Digital Health firm Withings and very soon will re-brand all its wearables products as Nokia. So, Nokia Bell Labs working on this highly innovative and radical technology may be related to future Nokia wearable offering in Digital Health. But one can’t deny that Nokia may be even looking to enter into other wearable segments.

Source: Nokia