We last reported about Nokia Paramore TA-1222 headed to Cricket Wireless and Nokia Armstrong TA-1221 destined for Verizon appearing in Bluetooth and FCC certifications. Now, it seems that Nokia Armstrong is also headed to Cricket wireless along with Paramore as revealed in the WiFi certification of all Nokia Armstrong variants.

Check the screenshot below which reveals that Nokia Armstrong for Cricket wireless has two variant TA-1218 and TA-1226, probably one of them will be the Dual-SIM variant.

It also reveals that TA-1231 will be the second Nokia Armstrong variant for Verizon along with TA-1221. It also seems that both Paramore and Armstrong may feature the same Mediatek processor with Bluetooth 5.0 support and may run Android 10 out of the box.

Since Paramore is significantly larger than Armstrong (as the size specs seen in FCC certification reveals), it is possible that Paramore is XL or Plus version of Armstrong.