After Nokia Armstrong TA-1221 for Verizon, it seems that Nokia Paramore TA-1222 is heading for Cricket Wireless in the US. The smartphone that will come with a big display has revealed its size specs and the codename “Paramore” in the FCC certification.

Nokia TA-1222 will pack a big display. The Antenna diagram reveals the size specs of 168mm x 76.33mm. It hints at a display size bigger than 6.6 inches.

Bluetooth certification has revealed that Nokia Paramore will feature a Mediatek processor with Bluetooth 5.0 support.

Now coming to two other Nokia smartphone variants TA-1218 and TA-1226 that passed FCC certification today, we already know that one of its variant TA-1221 is Verizon bound and is codenamed, Nokia Armstrong.

The FCC certification has revealed its size specs. The size specs of 150mm x 71mm hint at a display size of around 6-inches.

All four variants of this smartphone TA-1221, TA-1231, TA-1218 and TA-1226 have appeared in WiFi and Bluetooth certification powered by Mediatek processor MT6631 and support Bluetooth 5.0.