The Nokia 9 PureView owner who has provided the trick of setting Google Live Wallpaper as the display picture in the Glance Screen has posted a detailed review of Nokia 9 PureView. The review has an interesting comparison between Nokia 9 Pureview, Xiaomi Mi 9 and Pixel 3 Cameras.

We have already covered comparisons between Nokia 9 PureView and Pixel 3 cameras and results are largely the same in this review too. Nokia 9 PureView images are more detailed, have more accurate colors and even better dynamic range and exposure in the daylight to low-light conditions. But when it comes to extreme low-light situations we see the Nokia 9 PureView camera under-performing in terms of illumination, while Pixel 3 Camera does better.

But we were more interested in the comparison between Nokia 9 PureView and Xiaomi Mi 9 cameras. But here Nokia 9 PureView simply emerges the winner with a big margin. Check the crop comparison below in which Xiaomi Mi 9 crop is on the top followed by the Nokia 9 PureView crop below.

You can read the full comparison with samples by clicking here. The review also has crops for Nokia 9 PureView and Pixel 3 camera comparisons.