Nokia 9 PureView with Penta-Lens camera is the first Nokia Android smartphone to sport the “PureView” moniker and thus is expected to bring the imaging glory back to Nokia range. Now, Nokia 9 PureView with pre-release software has been pitted against iPhone XS in a “Bokeh capture” shootout.

Since Nokia 9 PureView used in this comparison is not the retail version things may change when the retail version launches. In fact, HMD just announced an OTA update with imaging quality improvements as the device has become available in the US.

So, how does the shootout go? Well it seems Nokia 9 PureView just won many of its upcoming imaging battles. Check the samples posted by GMSArena below.

Nokia 9 PureView captured images have Bokeh effect so pronounced that it somehow reminds us of a dedicated camera shot. GSMArena has also posted 3D simulation of photos taken with all five of the Nokia 9 PureView’s cameras.

The difference between other smartphoe cameras and Nokia 9 PureView camera lies in the fact that while other phones will be able to capture a horizontal plane, the Nokia 9 PureView’s array allows for both horizontal and vertical planes to be captured.

Anyways it will be mighty interesting to see how Nokia 9 PureView camera performs in the more extensive testing which includes not only Bokeh but various lighting and capturing conditions. But this comparison gives us a taste of what can be expected from Nokia 9 PureView camera. Here is another brief comparison where Nokia 9 PureView was pitted against Huawei Mate 20 Pro camera.