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Nokia 8 FAQ, user queries answered: All that you need to know

On this page, we answer user queries and frequently asked questions about Nokia 8. Nokia 8 is the affordable flagship smartphone from HMD that comes with Snapdragon 835 processor and 13MP Dual-Cam Zeiss camera on the back. You can read full detailed Nokia 8 specifications by clicking here.

In case you have any query that has not been covered below, please post that in comments and we will update our FAQ list.

Nokia 8 FAQ & User queries answered:

Q) How much storage space the system takes on Nokia 8? 

A) On Nokia 8 System takes around 10 GB storage (Android Oreo).

Q) Can I uninstall pre-installed apps on Nokia 8?

A) You can uninstall few of them, but most of them are Google apps that you would not like to r

Q) Does Nokia 8 Front camera capture 4K video

A) Yes, it does

Q) Does Nokia 8 have Double Tap to wake-up feature

A) Yes, it has Double Tap to wake-up feature

Q) Does Nokia 8 have Glance Screen feature

A) Yes, it comes with Glance Screen feature

Q) Does Nokia 8 have VOLTE support?

A) Yes, it supports VOLTE in India and other markets

Q) Does Nokia 8 come with LED notification feature

A) No, It doesn’t have LED notification feature

Q) Does Nokia 8 have NFC

A) Yes, Nokia 8 comes with NFC

Q) Does Nokia 8 have separate Dual-SIM and SD slot

A) No, Nokia 8 have hybrid Dual-SIM and SD card slot. So, either you can have two SIMs or one SIM and one SD card.

Q) Does Nokia 8 have fast charging (quick-charging)

A) Yes, it does have fast charging

Q) Does Nokia 8 have Dust & Water protection

A) Nokia 8 comes with IP54 certification which means Dust and Water protection.

Q) Nokia 8 Display size and whether it has Gorilla Glass protection

A) Nokia 8 has a 5.3-inch display protected with Gorilla Glass 5

Q) Does it have on-screen touch buttons or hardware buttons

A) Nokia 8 comes with capacitive hardware buttons

Q) Does Nokia 8 have FingerPrint sensor

A) Yes, it comes with FingerPrint sensor mated to Home Button

Q) What is the Battery capacity of Nokia 8

A) Nokia 8 comes with 3090 mAH battery

Q) Does Nokia 8 support Dolby surround sound tech

A) No, but it comes with even more advanced Nokia OZO Audio feature

Q) Does Nokia 8 Camera comes with OIS support

A) Yes, it does come with OIS support in rear camera

Q) Does Nokia 8 come with unlocked Bootloader

A) No, none of the Nokia Android Phones come with unlocked bootloader

Q) Does Nokia 8 have FM Radio

A) No, it doesn’t come with FM Radio


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  • #ludwig

    About glance screen, can you confirm this (from another blog)? –> “…messages in your instant messaging clients like Whatsapp and Telegram will also be grouped together as messages” (!)

  • asikis

    Hello. You mention that Nokia 8 has FM radio and comes with pre-installed app. Are you sure this the case? NOKIA has not FM radio listed in the official specs.
    Can you provide a video that shows Nokia 8 has FM radio working? This is very important for me.
    Thank you

    • Kamal

      Not only on Nokia 8, FM Radio comes pre-installed on even Nokia 3, 5 and 6 but we didn’t post videos of them because we really didn’t think it as worth the demo. But we can confirm that all Nokia Android Phone have FM Radio app and that it works.

      • asikis

        I know about Nokia 3,5 and 6 but Nokia 8 is listed as with NO FM radio. And also in some reviews in the net it is mentioned that it comes WITHOUT FM Radio.
        I would appreciate if in your Nokia 8 review you explicitly demonstrate the FM radio function.

  • shearminator

    Right guys…Let’s get this straight how much has the nokia 8 have for standard storage? is it 64 GB? and what SD card would you think I would need to put in the sim slot 2? thanks guys

  • Mike Richards

    How does the Nokia 8 protect fingerprint information? Does it have anything like the iPhone’s Secure Enclave?

  • Jarrah3

    Sooo disappointed. Initially liked the look of this phone in pics and the feature set promoted but sorry no wireless and that the camera interface is not up to Nokia standards it seems. Don’t want a physical front button either. Was really hoping this was top spec AND slick featured and then someone would mention an android app that allowed start screen configuration to have apps in tiles instead of little icons everywhere. Oh well. And Apple isn’t doing anything either – their new X/8 features are just catching up with what I’ve had in my past two Microsoft/Nokia Lumia phones. I guess I keep the 950XL for another year and hope someone comes up with something worth changing to…

  • 777sasha3331

    Works with gloves?

    • Kamal


      • 777sasha3331


  • Amit Mali

    does nokia 8 having FM radio?

  • o4komodo

    Shame it has no wireless charging… hope the 9 comes with it.

    Sorta odd being as how Nokia was one of the first companies to try to market it.

    • shearminator

      never did try out that on my lumia 1020? was it any good?

    • Zoli

      You can’t have wireless charging with full metal body. I prefer the latter.

  • Kilgore Trout

    When available in USA?

  • acey_zero

    Will the bootloader be unlockable?

    • Kamal


      • Sudipt123

        Wonder why Nokia chose to have a unlockable bootloader when the erstwhile Nokia (not under HMD Global) were providing root permission for their Meego OS

  • MikeyMike

    Is the sensor size in the Nokia 8 a secret? All other specs seem to be there, but not the physical size of the sensor. On my old Nokia 930 for instance you can easy find out it is a 1/2.5″ type, which is approximately 5.75 x 4.32 mm, diagonal 7.19 mm and the area 24.84 square millimeters.

    The camera is so much more than megapixels.

    • Kamal

      Will add it when we have the info.

      • Christer Sjaunja

        Sony Exmor RS IMX258 (same in the RGB and the monochrome): 1/3.06″ and 1.12 μm pixel size.

  • Mike_Home

    Q) Does Nokia 8 come with LED notification feature
    Yes, It has LED notification feature

    I don’t know from where you have this info, but I received my Nokia 8 on Monday, and it doesn’t have the LED feature. I cannot select it in the Display Menu.
    From what I have read on the Internet, all export versions (outside China) don’t come with the LED Notification.
    I have to say, this is really annoying, since the Glance Screen is not useful for me (much too dark to read).
    But probably, I am just too stupid to activate it, so please, if this is the case, give me a hint on where to activate the LED.

    • Kamal

      You are correct. No LED notification on Nokia 8.

      • Smarty79

        Sh**! Since Sony just offers a crappy 7.1.1 with patch level June and no Android O for my Z5C I am looking for alternatives. For me, it is a deal braker!

  • Sankar Pillay Hovelly

    Can you do a comparison of the camera against Lumia 950. As for now the dual camera setup looks more like a gimmick than having an actual advantage. At lease a dedicated camera button and a wireless charger.

    • Kamal

      Will compare it to Lumia 1020 🙂

      • Josef Rokos

        Looking forward, I used to have both 1020 and 950, also 808… Now the new Nokia 8 is already pre-ordered but still waiting for Nokia 9

        • DBS

          Someone already did it. Surprise: as expected, it’s sh*t.

          youtube (dot) com/watch?v=Co0hiyXe7XA

  • DBS

    Q. Does Nokia 8 have wireless charging?
    A. No, it doesn’t.

    Q. Does Nokia 8 have a dedicated camera button?
    A. No. Unlike all Nokia imaging flagships since before the iPhone, the Nokia 8 doesn’t have a dedicated camera button.

    Q. Does the Nokia 8 have a black theme or theme support?
    A. No, it doesn’t. With Android 8.0, themes are supported by the OS but HMD doesn’t provide a theme engine for you to use it. You’ll have to resort to third party apps and hacks.

    Q. Is the Nokia 8 camera good?
    A. No, absolutely not. The UI is a disaster but worse of all, the software is complete rubbish.

    Q. Is the Nokia 8 a real flagship, worthy of the price tag it has?
    A. No. The Nokia 8 is an overpriced mid-ranger with a flagship processor in it.

    • Kamal

      Wireless charging, dedicated camera button are really no deal-breakers for most of the fellas out there. Theme support is good to have. Nokia 8 camera has been appreciated by nearly everyone. And it is one of the best flagship smartphones out there and this is view of many who have reviewed it.

      • DBS

        “Wireless charging, dedicated camera button are really no deal-breakers for most of the fellas out there.”

        The dedicated camera button might not be, but wireless charging is. The lack of it was enough to make the G6 sink in Europe. And the most popular phones on Earth (the Galaxy S line) all bring wireless charging. And soon so will the iPhones. And then what? When Apple adds it and everyone suddenly demands it, how will HMD justify not having it on their so-called “flagship” when all real Nokia flagships prior to it had it since 2012?

        Also, the Nokia 8 isn’t selling to “most of the fellas out there”. This is HMD trying to sell them first to Nokia fans. If the Nokia 8 doesn’t convince Nokia fans (and your own polls showed that it doesn’t), it will certainly not convince regular consumers, specially those who are using better phones from LG or Samsung.

        “Nokia 8 camera has been appreciated by nearly everyone”

        Sorry? I’m sure you wanted to write “hasn’t”…’cause that’s the truth. The vast majority of reviews of the Nokia 8 camera actually stress how incredibly “meh” it is, with lots of problems in low light and with the focus, as well as with HDR and an inability to face strong exposure differences.

        “And it is one of the best flagship smartphones out there and this is view of many who have reviewed it.”

        Again, not sure what reviews you’re reading but they’re being incredibly selective then. Because that’s most definitely NOT what most people are saying about it. It’s the view “of many” but those “many” are a small minority. Most people who have reviewed the phone (and most major tech blogs haven’t) say that it’s a competent phone. But not competition to the 2017 flagships. At best they say it goes against the OnePlus 5 and even there most say it loses against it.
        YOU might think it’s one of the best flagships out there, but that’s your opinion. Not that of most reviewers who have actually used the phone. 😉

        • Mark Johnson

          I’ve been waiting for the “new” Nokia flagship for over two years and I’m waiting no longer. Nokia are just producing middle of the road phones which are merely competent but certainly no competition for the likes of Samsung and Apple. I’ve had enough of waiting and going to buy the new LG V30.

          • DBS

            I’d probably go for the V30 too if it wasn’t for the size. I don’t like big phones. Had LG released a version of it with the same bezelless screen but at 5″ or 5.5″ tops, I’d be getting it for sure.

    • Manny

      You’re living in a dream land,lad.

      • DBS

        No. I’m living in the land that requires HMD to put basic stuff on their “flagships” that REAL NOKIA flagships had. Like AMOLED screens, camera buttons and good cameras.

    • Dongleboo

      My favorite person in NPU. Seriously!
      Your Q&A is spot on!
      If you remember, I was the….second guy apparently..who was, let’s just say “unhappy” at best.
      Now that some reviews on the camera came in we can safely say that this device is absolute trash and nowhere near the 2017 flagship standards. If it was released back in 2014, I’d probably be satisfied, but not now.
      Nokia should rip the contract with HMD in half for calling that atrocious device a “FLAGSHIP” and using the Nokia brand.
      Apparently I’ll have to stick with Samsung, which is really a shame, because I really hate them, but I have no f****** choice, now do I.
      Absolute disaster is what this phone should’ve been called. Certainly not a Flagship.