In this video we have done hands-on comparison between Nokia 8.1 and Nokia 8 to evaluate the display and audio quality of Nokia 8.1. Nokia 8 has a Quad-HD 5.3-inch display and thus boasts of very high PPI density. Nokia 8.1 is the second Nokia smartphone to sport PureDisplay branding and HDR10 support.

Now, since Nokia 8.1 is the new Nokia 8 as per HMD it may be helpful to compare these two devices side-by-side to assess things like display, audio quality, performance and camera. Talking about display, as you will notice in the video, Nokia 8.1 display offers really great image and video watching experience taking advantage of HDR10 support. While Nokia 8 display also looks great, Nokia 8.1 shows its slight advantage in some cases.

Audio output wise also both are very close and it is difficult to tell which one is better. Though audio output from both doesn’t get distorted even at maximum output.