On public demand we have compared the much popular Nokia 7 Plus to the erstwhile flagship Nokia 8. Nokia 8 prices have been slashed in all markets and in markets like India it is now priced closely to Nokia 7 Plus. So, we have been repeatedly asked this question by many of our readers, “which one to buy”.

In this article and hands-on video, we have focused on comparing the Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 8 performance in “heavy usage scenario” and have also compared the design, display, audio quality and more.

Nokia 8 over Nokia 7 Plus:

  • Snapdragon 835 processor gives Nokia 8 a bit of edge over Nokia 7 Plus that packs Snapdragon 660.
  • Nokia 8 packs a better display with much higher pixel density ( QHD vs 2016×1080).
  • Nokia 8 audio output is richer than Nokia 7 Plus.
  • Nokia 8 rear camera has OIS, missing on Nokia 7 Plus.
  • Nokia 8 Glance screen feature is missing on Nokia 7 Plus.
  • It is more compact than Nokia 7 Plus and may appeal to those who like smaller form-factor

Nokia 7 Plus over Nokia 8:

  • Nokia 7 Plus display though lacks in PPI as compared to Nokia 8 display, is the first Nokia smartphone with 18:9 display ratio.
  • Many may like the 6-inch display on Nokia 7 Plus more suitable for things like video watching.
  • The minimum bezel design may appeal to many as compared to traditional Nokia 8 design.
  • Nokia 7 Plus rear camera offers better imaging quality and more stable videos than Nokia 8 show our camera review and comparison.
  • Nokia 7 Plus audio output is slightly louder than Nokia 8 audio though less richer.

Check the hands-on video for more,