In these two videos we have pitted Nokia 8 against both Nokia 8 Sirocco and 7 Plus to give an idea about how EIS works on 8 Sirocco and 7 Plus. Nokia 8 has OIS while both the latter devices lack it and come with EIS. So, how does the video quality and stabilisation comparison works like.

EIS works appreciably well on both Nokia 8 Sirocco and 7 Plus and videos from both look even more stable than the Nokia 8 video. But one thing you will notice is that the videos from both 8 Sirocco and 7 Plus look slightly zoomed in or in other words cropped as compared to the video from Nokia 8. This is how EIS works but still Nokia 8 Sirocco and 7 Plus capture better details than Nokia 8.

Check the side by side video comparison and do let us know what you think.