In this comparison we are pitting imaging samples captured with both Nokia 7.2 default camera and Google camera apps against each other. For downloading the best Google Camera for Nokia 7.2 you can refer to our Google Camera page.

Nokia Camera Daylight sample 1:

Google Camera Daylight sample 2:

Nokia Camera Daylight sample 2:

Google Camera Daylight sample 2:

Nokia Camera Bokeh sample:

Google Camera Bokeh sample:

Nokia Camera extreme low-light sample:

Google Camera extreme low-light sample:

Nokia Camera Night Mode sample:

Google Camera Night Mode sample:


HMD has done really great job with Nokia 7.2 camera algorithms with the exception of the sharpening issue that becomes evident when you do crop comparison or when you capture human beings. But in daylight or in extreme low-light without flash, the Nokia Camera is as good or in some cases images captured with Nokia Camera appear better as compared to the images appeared with the Google Camera.

In terms of capturing resolved details, actual color reproduction Nokia Camera is as good as the Google Camera in daylight. It is suprisingly better in terms of capturing some images like of clouds as one can see in the sample above. Both capture very good Bokeh samples.

But when it comes to “Night Mode” you can notice the difference very clearly. HMD’s first attempt is good in terms of white balance but overall Google Camera Night Mode is just better.