In this Nokia 6 Hands-on video, we have tested the general performance of the smartphone. We have conducted this test in heavy usage scenario, when one may be browsing, playing games and multitasking with many tabs, games and apps open in the background.

A good smartphone with optimized OS, enough RAM and powerful-enough processor should be able to handle it all with ease without breaking a sweat. So, how did Nokia 6 actually perform? Impressive all the way. With 3 games (Clash of Clans, Asphalt 8 Airborne), 20 browser tabs, Camera and 3-4 other apps open in the background it handles all with elan.

Snpadragon 430 with 3GB RAM and optimized Android 7.1.1 Nougat in Nokia 6 is really dependable we will say. As you will notice in the video, apps/games resume fast from background during multitasking and there are no crashes/lags/freezes even with so much load.