Nokia 6 may not be China Exclusive for long. To be available on January 11 in China.

Many reports have appeared in China suggesting that Nokia 6 may be available to buy starting January 11. The smartphone has already appeared on JD, the exclusive partner to sell Nokia 6.

The pricing revealed by the JD listing is Yuan 1699, the officially announced pricing.

Click here to check the listing.

Now, while HMD has announced Nokia 6 as China exclusive, it mayn’t remain so for long. We have already heard murmurs that it may be soon see global announcement and our reader Marko has sent us an evidence. The page for Nokia 6 exists on International Nokia phones site but with “Hidden Access”. Try the direct link from here.

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  • johala02

    I think the Nokia 6 would have a hard time to compete in Europe or USA with only the Snapdragon 430. Would have been atleast the 600 series. So I guess thats why its only a Chinese device. But even there it are good Chinese brands in same price category with better specs.
    (One example is Vernee Apollo with basicly the same price and are sold to Europe to)

    But I suppose this will be a real test for HMD Global if their strategy working as a first attemt in the android world. And how much customers want to pay for the Nokia brand.

    I hope they show some more impressing stuff in MWC 2017.

    • Kamal

      Don’t think so. It will compete against devices in its price range.

  • DBS

    The announcement was made in English and thr phone has been on their website – without hidden access – since the moment it became official.
    I wouldn’t read much into that.