Did HMD really underestimated the demand for Nokia 6 in China?? Nokia 6 was sold out in no time in the second flash sale on January 26, after amassing some 1.4 million interests. The first flash sale was over within a minute too.

After first flash sale, the Nokia 6 was promptly put back for registering pre-order interests and even a date was known for next flash sale. But this time around Nokia 6 is not still open for registering interests days into second flash sale.

So, that begs the question, did they really underestimate Nokia 6 demand? It may seem so because Nokia 6 should have been back on pre-order for the third flash sale. But until now you can’t register. This doesn’t really augur well, as we had seen similar issues plaguing Nokia / Lumia devices stock situations in past, regardless of who was in-charge (Microsoft or Nokia).

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Last we reported about Nokia 6 Silver color model passing certification in China. The above pre-order numbers are for only Black model. HMD launched Nokia 6 in China and as a new model TA-1003 appears, we can expect it coming to other markets too.

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