Nokia 6 2018 was leaked in its full glory yesterday via the official listing at retailer Suing though it was supposed to be launched today. Anyways, it is now official with Nokia Mobile Weibo account posting an official video of the device and the official Nokia 6 page going up.

Nokia 6 2018 Specs, Features & Gallery:

Nokia 6 2018 is powered by Snapdragon 630 processor and comes with many design changes as listed below. You can read the detailed specs, images and more of Nokia 6 2018 at our dedicated page.

  • Reduced bezels
  • 16:9 display
  • No hardware touch buttons
  • Side profile remains as robust as Nokia 6 2017
  • Red accents at the edges of camera and the sides
  • Camera module lifted from Nokia 5 but with 16 MP CMOS sensor
  • Fingerprint sensor moves to the back

Hopefully, Nokia 6 (2018) will come globally much sooner than it took Nokia 6 2017 to travel to other parts of the globe. Read our complete Nokia 6 2018 coverage here.

Nokia 6 2018 official intro video:

Nokia 6 2018 Pricing, Release date, Buy link:

Coming to the pricing and release date, the 32GB ROM variant is priced at Yuan 1499 while 64Gb ROM variant at Yuan 1699, a very good pricing with the big processor upgrade from Snapdragon 430 in 2017 to Snapdragon 630 now.

Nokia 6 2018 will be available to buy on January 10 and the reservation has begun already at Suning’s online store. Suning has exclusivity on Nokia 6 2018 32GB variant so far in China. The 64GB variant can be booked both at Suning and JD.

Suning link

JD link