The first Android 9 Pie Beta update for Nokia 6.1 Plus  is now available. In case you are wondering how to enroll and push the Pie Beta to your Nokia 6.1 Plus you can check our how to section here.

The time now for our hands-on video of Nokia 6.1 Plus running the Beta version of Android 9 Pie. In this video, we have demoed the major changes and features that Android 9 Pie Beta brings for Nokia 6.1 Plus and we have also shared our impressions of the build.

All the changes and new features:

The Android 9 Pie Beta update brings the majority of Android 9 Pie changes and features to Nokia 6.1 Plus. The major changes and features include all-new gesture-based navigation option, lots of UI changes, Notification improvements, Settings revamp, usability improvements and much more.

The Digital Wellbeing feature is not enabled by default but you can install the APK to get it on your Nokia 6.1 Plus after updating to Android Pie Beta.

You can read the complete list of official changes and new features that Android 9 Pie brings by clicking here.


On Nokia 6.1 Plus the Android 9 Pie Beta update runs smoothly and is relatively stable with no freezes/reboots so far for us. It is quite polished and the option of gesture-based navigation adds freshness to the experience.

Battery life has been mostly similar to what we have seen on the Oreo so far, but we will share more on that later as we keep on testing it. In case you find issues/bugs please share in comments below.