Nokia 6.1 4GB RAM variant followed the 3GB RAM variant in India and comes for a price premium of Rs 2000. It also packs 64GB storage as compared to 32GB on the 3GB RAM variant. So, is paying Rs 2000 worth for that extra 1GB RAM and extra 32GB storage??

In our hands-on video we have tried to find answer to this by comparing the performance of the 3GB and 4GB RAM variants side-by-side. The comparison is on “heavy usage scenario” with 2 super-heavy, one moderate heavy and other apps and games open in the background.

As you can notice in the video, the extra 1GB RAM makes a big difference when it comes to heavy usage and multitasking with heavy games open in the background. Nokia 6.1 4GB RAM handles everything that you throw at it.  All the games resume well from the background and there is no lag anywhere. We are mighty impressed.