Post its launch at MWC, Nokia 3310 (2017) saw amazing level of interest in UK and other markets riding on the wave of nostalgia it created. The new Nokia 3310 is better than the legendary original Nokia 3310 in many ways. But it has been criticized too because of lack of 3G support. Due to the lack of 3G support, it may not be able to see launch in many markets like US, where 2G network has been mostly dismantled.

Now, in a surprise listing first noted by German site WinFuture, Nokia 3310 (2017) 3G version has been seen on a Swedish Distributor’s site. As you can notice the 3G version has been priced slightly higher than the 2G version.

While the listing seems genuine with proper article number and mention of 3G and higher pricing, HMD PR Team has told us it is not correct. As per the official statement given to us, Nokia 3310 remains a 2G phone.

So, don’t raise your hopes too high as this listing may not be valid. But, surprisingly the distributor seems to take pre-orders for this 3G version of Nokia 3310 (2017). So, we urge our readers to wait before there is any further clarification from the distributor.