HMD just took a very welcome step to engage the Nokia fans community by launching Nokia Phones Beta Labs program. Nokia 8 will be the first and the only smartphone for now to get Android Oreo Beta via this program.

But no need to get disappointed if you have any other Nokia Android smartphone. HMD CPO Juho Sarvikas just confirmed on Twitter that other devices will also be enrolled to Oreo Beta program at a later date.

So, it seems we will see Android Oreo Beta for Nokia 3, 5 and 6 in some time from hence and Nokia 8 is just the beginning. If you have a Nokia 8 and appetite for some beta testing (bugs and issues), go ahead and get that Oreo.

Android Oreo is a significant update that brings many new features and also a number of improvements in the Android user experience. In case you want to read and watch all new Android Oreo features and changes in action, you can check our article with hands-on demo video here.