Nokia 2 is the ultimate budget Nokia Android smartphone and Nokia 3 is just a notch higher than it in the product lineup. So, the obvious question that many prospective Nokia 2/Nokia 3 buyers ask us is how both Nokia smartphones differ and which one to go for.

We have covered this in our hands-on video of Nokia 2 and Nokia 3 where we have highlighted the major points of differences while comparing them side by side. Here in this article, we elaborate upon these major points to differentiate between Nokia 2 and Nokia 3.

Design & Build quality:

We have demoed the design differences between the two in a side by side manner in the video. Both come with an Aluminium frame and polycarbonate body and have excellent build quality for a low-end smartphone. Nokia 3, however, has a squarish design as compared to Nokia 2 that comes with rounded corners. Nokia 2 has a removable frame that gives it flexibility but Nokia 3 unibody may feel more robust.


Nokia 3 display is slightly better than Nokia 2 but frankly speaking, there is not much difference there and both low-end smartphones come with one of the best displays for their price range. Good color reproduction, sunlight readability, wide viewing angles are some of the excellent features of both Nokia 2 and Nokia 3 displays. Check the video for more.


Nokia 2 competes well with Nokia 3 when it comes to apps handling and gaming. But when it comes to multitasking with many apps and games open in the background Nokia 3 clearly has the advantage. Browsing on Nokia 3 is also a tad bit faster than Nokia 2 and one can clearly make out the difference between the performance.


Nokia 2 certainly has an edge here but more in the standby time. Nokia 3 already has excellent battery life, one of the best you will find on any of the smartphones out there. But Nokia 2 has better battery life than Nokia 3. If you are a heavy user you can fetch 4-6 hrs more battery life on Nokia 2 as compared to Nokia 3.

Pricing & which one to go for:

Nokia 3 currently retails for around Rs 8000 in India and AED 449 in UAE. Nokia 2 retails for around Rs 6780 in India, $99  in the US and around AED 349 in the UAE. Nokia 2 is not yet available in the UK or even Europe. Nokia 3 is not available in the US.

So, Nokia 3 is slightly more expensive than Nokia 2 in most of the markets. Nokia 3 has better performance, slightly better display and better front camera than Nokia 2. Nokia 2 beats Nokia 3 in battery life. So, which one to go for?? There we made it easy for you. If your budget is really not constrained, go for Nokia 3 else if you really can’t or don’t want to shell even the difference and want a smartphone with nearly amazing battery life, Nokia 2 is the answer.