HMD Global introduced the Nokia 2.2 smartphone earlier this month. It was introduced for a price of ₹6999 in India.

We recently unboxed the Nokia 2.2 smartphone here at Nokiapoweruser. The device is powered by a Quad-Core MediaTek Helio A22 chipset inside it. It comes in two different RAM and storage variants.

Nokia 2.2 Performance review:

In this article, we will talk about the performance of Nokia 2.2 which is positioned as an entry-level smartphone from the company. The device comes with some 2019 level of design. The device was tested in some regular usage scenarios like browsing, multi-tasking, camera, and some gaming. We tried apps like Google Chrome, Photos, Messages, Dialer and some games like Subway Surfers, Dr. Driving and Hill Climbing, etc. The device was performing well in medium usages but it seems to have some hiccups in heavy usage.


The browsing test of Nokia 2.2 was done on the default browser provided in the device which is the Chrome browser from Google. The device was handing page loads very well we tried several tabs and the browsing experience was smooth. We tried pinch-in zoom in the tabs and the zooming in and zooming out experience was pretty smooth on the Nokia 2.2. We also tried some scrolling on different tabs and the scrolling was smooth and fluid all the time.


If we talk about the multi-tasking in Nokia 2.2, we are not very happy with the multi-tasking in it. The multi-tasking was bad especially in RAM management where every other was getting out of memory. We opened app like Photos, Camera, Messages, Dialer, Chrome, and some games and every app was running smoothly.

It is worth mentioning that we tested the Nokia 2.2 with 2GB RAM variant only. We hope the company seeds an update to fix the RAM management issues with the Nokia 2.2 rest everything seems to be ok with the device.



We played some regularly played games like Dr. Driving, Hill Climbing, and Subway Surfers and the game-play was good in the Nokia 2.2.

Although there was some issue with Subway Surfers, as it was crashing initially but was working normally later on.

You can watch the below video to see the performance & game-play of Nokia 2.2.