We last reported about Nokia 110 2019 variant TA-1192 and 2720 2019 variant TA-1170 passing certification in China. Now the two variants have passed certification in Malaysia too.

As one can notice in the screenshot above Dual-SIM variants of both Nokia 110 2019 and Nokia 2720 2019 appeared in the Malaysian certification recently. TA-1170 comes with WiFi and 4G support and as was clear from the CCC certification is a feature phone.

We last reported the rumor about HMD planning to launch Nokia 110 2019 and Nokia 2720 2019. As per the rumor, Nokia 110 will come with a Dual-SIM variant too and will be priced at EUR 30. It will have a Blue model for retail.

The Nokia 2720 will be available in two colors grey and Black and the rumor also claims that the TA-1175 variant belongs to Nokia 2720. Nokia 2720 will be available for a price of EUR 100 and will also have a Dual-SIM version.

HMD has scheduled an event on September 5 in Berlin where it will certainly make some new phone/smartphone announcements. An official launch for Nokia 6.2 and Nokia 7.2 can be expected along with Nokia 110 and 2720 2019 versions on September 5.