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All Nokia 6.2, 7.2, 2720 Flip, 800 Tough & 220 4G global variants listed

We have been reporting about many probable variants of the to-be-announced Nokia smartphone and phone variants. Now, when Nokia 6.2, 7.2, 2720 Flip and 800 Tough are already official, it is perhaps time to...

Nokia 110 2019 (TA-1192) & 2720 2019 (TA-1170) pass certification in Malaysia

We last reported about Nokia 110 2019 variant TA-1192 and 2720 2019 variant TA-1170 passing certification in China. Now the two variants have passed certification in Malaysia too. As one can notice in the screenshot...

Nokia TA-1170 may be the 4G Nokia 2720 2019, passes CCC certification in China

We just reported about Nokia 110 2019 appearing in Tenna certification and now it seems Nokia 2720 2019 may have also appeared in CCC certification in China. The Nokia TA-1170 that we noticed in...

New Nokia smartphone variant TA-1170 passes certification in Thailand.

HMD has scheduled an event on September 5 in Berlin where it will certainly make some new phone/smartphone announcements. Now, a new Nokia smartphone variant TA-1170 that may well be one of the Nokia...

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