The Nokia 105 4G 2023 was quietly released this year and it seems that it went unnoticed earlier as it looks very similar to the previous Nokia 105 4G. But upon closer look, the 2023 has some subtle change in the design and it also have changes in its hardware and software offerings.

I previously reviewed the 2G version of the Nokia 105, and in my video below, I explore the differences and hopefully it helps to decide which one you should go for.

Nokia 105 4G 2023

HMD Global has a fantastic portfolio of feature phone devices and with each iteration, the device is redesigned to give better value for money. The Nokia 105 4G 2023 here differs from the previous 4G version in many ways. And what I have come to notice is that the previous 4G version of this device resembles the latest 2G version other than the network band support.

Despite being a feature phone, the Nokia 105 4G gets an upgraded build quality. The nano textured polycarbonate body is now splash resistant and its designed to go easy on your grip.

A host of new features such as an expandable memory, Bluetooth connectivity, larger battery and support for VoLTE enhances the Nokia 105 4G 2023.

You can catch my unboxing and rather lengthy comparison to the 2G version here:

Before you start complaining for the lack of a camera, fret not , as HMD Global has many basic phones with different features and different price to cover all your feature phone needs!

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