A list has been leaked in China on Weibo that claims to enlist all major 2018 flagship Android smartphones powered by Snapdragon 845. The list has a single flagship phone to be released in the month of August 2018.

We are not well-versed in reading Mandarin. But as per one of the readers, who sent us this tip the phone mentioned to be launched in the month of August is Nokia 10. We tried to do a bit of research using translator and to us it seems the tipster is right and the list does mention Nokia 10 to be launched in the month of August.

Check the comparison between the name mentioned in list and how translator mentions Nokia 10 and also the full list posted by the leaker in China below.

This is the full leaked list.

Though we suggest you to take this rumor with a pinch of salt as most of the flagships mentioned on this list are almost expected to come with Snapdragon 845. Even Nokia 10 name is a bit doubtful, as HMD is following the strategy to use the same name every year, as is rumored in the case of Nokia 6 2018.

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Thanks Xio-Feng for the tip. Cheers!!