Google has announced a new Camera app “Camera Go” for Android Go smartphones. We also heard HMD talking about Camera Go while announcing Nokia 1.3 on March 19. Now, in a blog post Google has made it clear that Nokia 1.3 will be one of the first smartphones to launch with Camera Go.

The top new feature that Camera Go brings with itself is the “Portrait Mode”, a feature that has been only available to mid-range and above smartphones so far. It also tracks storage and helps you in clearing up space.

The new Camera Go app from Google helps you take beautiful photos without worrying about speed or storage. It has features like Portrait Mode to give your photos a professional look by focusing on your subject. It’s built for people using smartphones for the first time, so it has a clean and simple interface. And, most importantly, Camera Go tracks how much photo and video storage space you have left, and then it helps you clear up space so you never miss a shot.